Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some amazing people...

God has truly blessed my life with some amazing friends.

Jametra is my closest friend.
We are more like sisters.
We are together just about everyday.
My life would be boring without her.
I am very thankful that God put her in my life.

Toya is someone who came into my life when
I was going through some difficult things.
Only God could have known that we would
form a friendship and that she would
help me find Him again.

I work with some great women here at the good ole hospital. They are more like my family. We have some great fun together. That's for sure. They are crazy and fun. But at the times when I needed them most, they have always been there. And I know that I can count on them at any time.

This is CRAZY C!
But she is so much fun.
She is the newest person on our shift
and she fits in just right!

This is Happy H!
This girl is always encouraging! No matter what goes on, she is always there. I am very glad that she came to work with us. We call her "mama" sometimes because she just takes care of us. And she can make some great pancakes (especially at 3 in the morning.)

I will post more of my friends later so keeping looking...

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