Friday, July 18, 2014

Names of God Week 3

Typically, I tend to waver of course by now through other Bible studies. Life gets busy. Things happen. I am tired. Yet, here I am. I am sensing a fresh stirring in my spirit through this study. This week was no disappointment. I have learned so much. I was sharing some of those things with a friend and felt my excitement grow. I am being stretched outside of my comfort zone. And I'm okay with it.

Adonai- your Lord and Master
"Commitment to the will of God ought to be the norm for every one of His children!"

"Lord is more than a word; it indicates a relationship."

"Grasping the reality of His lordship could make all the difference in your understanding of true Christianity."

What part of my life am I not allowing God to have lordship over? Digging deep into my heart, I realize that not much of my life has been given to Him. By making Him Lord of my heart and life, I must lay aside everything in order to follow Him. Am I willing to lay it ALL down for Him?

Jehovah- to be, to become
"He is Jehovah, the self-existent, covenant keeping God."

"God revealed Himself to His covenant people as the unchanging God who remains faithful to His Word throughout many generations."

God had promised Abraham that the people would inhabit Canaan. This promise was fulfilled 400 years later. 400 years!!!! And I have a problem waiting a week for an answer. God never faltered or backed away from His covenant. He was faithful. Abraham passed on the covenant from generation to generations. The covenant was to be kept. Because of my impatience, I have missed God fulfilling promises in my life.

God told Moses to tell Israel that I AM has sent you. It was a sign of the covenant being fulfilled. Just this past Sunday, a pastor at church spoke about these very words. When Jesus was asked who He was, He replied "I AM". It's the only charge that Jesus responded to. He was the covenant fulfilled.

Jehovah-jireh- "The Lord will provide"
As many times as I have heard or studied the story of Abraham and Issac, I didn't expect to learn something new. I was wrong.

God knew of Abraham's love towards Issac. When God asked him to sacrifice him, he didn't hesitate. On their journey, Abraham and Issac went alone to worship God before joining the men again.

So many times, I try to worship corporately. When my spirit says it needs to get away from everyone and everything. To be alone with God and worship Him. It's what happens during that worship that allows me to be able to return to the journey of fellowship.

Abraham and Issac continued up the mountain. As promised, God provided the sacrifice- a ram. Because of his obedience, Abraham's seed was blessed into all the nations.

This week I have been very convicted about my lack of love, worship, and obedience being a hindrance to future generations.

As my Jehovah, God is faithful to keep His promises. As my Adonai, He is Lord of all. As my Jehovah-jireh, He will provide.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gotta do something

I intended to make a list (I love a list) for goals for July. Let us note how that didn't happen. But, August is on the horizon. So I am purposely making a list of things I want to accomplish in August. Unlike in the past, I am striving to not focus on every little thing that I don't accomplish. It's ok. Really, it is. So here goes….

Set aside time daily for The Word and quiet time with God. I am learning so much through the study Lord, I want to know You. I know that routine is something I thrive on, so getting into a better routine with my quiet time would do wonders for me. 

Become more active on my blog and in the blogging world.

To join a gym and become more healthy. After a couple of life changing events in my life over this course of the past two years, I have completely stopped even caring about my health. I'm so ready to get back on track. It's not entirely because of what the scale now reads. I am beginning to physically feel worse. I know that I have let this area go so much. It's time to tackle this again. 

I have a couple of books that I began and stopped reading them. Mostly because the words were truth into my life and I was not ready to deal with it. I having been feeling a nudging to pick these books up again. I believe that my heart and mind are at a better place to receive what this words have to say. 

To live in the moment. So many times, I'm focused on getting things done. To check off another thing on my daily list. I hope that I can let go of some control and enjoy the little moments. 

Here's to embracing new things and cherishing the old ones. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Names of God: Week 2

Honestly, this has been a difficult week. Between being busy with two kids (one is at church camp), a very busy and chaotic few nights at the hospital, a dear friend having a critical medical emergency, and just other life stuff it's been a challenge to carve out time for my Bible study time. As I have looked back over the week, I realize that this pretty much sums up how I approach God most times. I have 5 min while I'm in the bathroom.....I will do it right after the dishes....I will set my alarm earlier. The list goes on and on. Yet, I have noticed a difference in this week. I have called on the name of Jesus so often. Just in small amounts of time. It wasn't that I sat down and set aside that time. It was calling on His name when things would go through my mind. Once I found out about my friend, I was heart broken and devastated. (As of yesterday my friend is improving, Still in critical condition) I began praying. Several times I would call on names of God that I pleaded Heaven for Him to show Himself to us this week. Comforter, Healer, Peace Giver, Almighty God, Way Maker. I began to recite scriptures that have been hidden in my heart. And if you have read any of my past posts, you may know that this is a huge break through for me. I may not have picked up my Bible study that day, but I felt the Lord's presence. For this I am thankful.

Now, for what I have learned from Lord, I Want to Know You:

"If I live for His will, that is His pleasure, or if I bring Him pleasure, it is because I have done His will.
To miss your purpose is to miss fulfillment. It is to have existed rather than to have lived."
How is my life speaking to bring glory to His name?
So, so, so many times I have struggled with finding the "perfect" answer for this question. I try to do what I think everyone else thinks I should do. As long as I'm doing it "right". Yet, this week I have been shown that there will never be a perfect answer. For I am not perfect. I know for me that letting go of fear and doubts will be a huge part of searching for what God has for me so that I may glorify Him in every aspect of my life.

El Elyon- The Most High. It designates that God as the sovereign ruler of all the universe. "Although we have been given free will, still God so rules and overrules that no person, angel, demon, or devil, nor any circumstances of life, can thwart His plan. "
How can I apply the sovereignty of God to my life?
To know He has all authority. To live my life knowing it's not my own. To surrender myself to the only true God.

El Roi- The God who sees.
I will admit that at times, I can't fathom how God who sees and knows all things still allows bad things to happen. Day 11 of this study has helped answer some questions that I have had for years. As someone who lived in sexual abuse for 9 years of my childhood, I couldn't understand how God could allow it. I've been blessed with incredible people that have spoken truth and life into my life. Even through it all, I still believed that God had a plan. Not knowing what that is has been hard. A couple of statements stood out to me.
"Healing has to be possible. Otherwise, a sovereign God of love would surely have intervened.
Where does healing begin? With the recognition of El Roi, the God who sees. He was awake. He saw it all. After you realize that He sees, you need to now that in His sovereignty He permitted it. Therefore, as horrible and as destructive as it seems, in God's economy, it will be used for good."

By being able to see that while God saw everything, ultimately it's for good. I have been told this several times over the years, allowing it to dig deep into my heart has been refreshing this week.

El Shaddai- The All-Sufficient One
God is everything I have ever needed and so much more.

I am incredibly thankful for the praying body of Christ this week.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Names of God: Week 1

I am very excited about joining an online Bible Study. It could not have come at a better time in my life. Rachel is an incredible woman and such an encouragement to me. I looking forward to the things that God will do through this study. We are doing the study Lord, I want to know You by Kay Arthur.
I love a new journal and highlighters.

The very first line of the study hit me HARD. "So much of our confusion, our pain, our indecision, and our wrong decisions come because we do not know God." As I thought more about this, I realized that it's so true in my like. How much do I hide in my pain and regret? Instead of relying on God, I keep things hidden.

"When we know God as He really is, there's power in our lives- the ability to stand firm."
"A new beginning- An avenue of ministry- A sense of doing something that has eternal value."
"What you have learned, God intends for you to share."

So often, I wonder if my life has any eternal value. Are the things I am doing here on earth benefiting anyone? How often have a missed an opportunity to share what God has done in my life because I am afraid? I felt the Lord speaking to me that He has not lead me where He would leave me. He truly intended for life to be shared.

And all of this was in the introduction!!!!

While listing my insecurities, fears, and troubles I become overwhelmed by how much I don't allow God to have control in my life. "Why don't we run to the arms of our all-sufficient God?" Most of the time I don't trust Him to handle things the way I want them to go. I've always felt the need to control all aspects in my life. To truly hand over everything to Him scares me. Yet, He is calling me to come out of my comfort zone. To give myself over to Him completely. "You may not understand how your situation could ever bring Him glory, but you can trust in the name of your Lord.(Day 4)
During my prayer, I felt the same word coming to me several time: DELIVERER! God desires to be my Deliverer. From all things.

Knowing with my head and believing in my heart that God fearfully and wonderfully made has been a struggle for me for many, many years. To think that the Creator of the universe would choose to create me in His image is hard to grasp at times. So many times this week, I have come back this sentence:"You are a unique creation of God, one of a kind, created for His glory." For it to told hold in my heart. For it to become ingrained that God had all things planned from the beginning.

"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous runs into it and is safe." Proverbs 18:10

Again, this week has already been eye-opening for me. Praying for each one of us to be moved and changed as only God can do in our lives.