Monday, March 1, 2010

Living the Single Life.....

Kelly at KellysKorner had a terrific idea. By linking up through her blog, other girls are able to "find" each other. I simply love this idea. Hope to get many new friends in "cyberspace". I love meeting new people. (Kelly if you happen to read this: THANKS!)

A few facts about me...
-Name: Cyndi
-Birthdate: 01/28/1985
-Fav Color: green
-Hometown: Tupelo, MS (it's where Elvis Presley was born)
-I am single.
-Don't have any biological children.
-I do have a godson- Trey (he's 3)
-I love Jesus and going to church.
-I work in Labor and Delivery.
-Love going on vacations
-Am starting to like Twitter. (just now got on it)
-Praying for my husband- God's timing is perfect, yet somedays I wish it was faster.
-I like to play cards- bring on the Phase 10!
-Love to take pictures
-Anything else you would like to know, just ask.

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