Friday, March 5, 2010

A typical day...

Over at Kelly's Korner, today is show us your life- a typical day. So here goes an average day for me:
Since I help a Dr friend of mine with her kids, it usually depends on what day it is.
On average:
I get up at 5:45, take a shower and get dressed.
Leave my house at 6:45.
Arrive at her house by 7:15.
Take kids to school by 8:00.
Pick up T (who will be 2 in April) by 12:00 (noon).
Most days (according to how he is feeling) we have lunch in town somewhere (usually meet a friend for lunch).
Then I pick up A by 2:00. Then it's to their house for naptime.
One of the parents are usually home by 6:00.
Then I go to work in Labor and Delivery at the hospital.
I work from  6:45pm to 7:15am.
Then I start my day again.
Thanks for walking through my day with me.


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  2. HI over from Kelly's!
    Your blog is super precious! Love the pink and turqouise! Our day is really scheduled too! Have a Happy Friday and A great weekend....
    Look forward to reading more
    Summer :0)

  3. Seriously. WHEN do you sleep? My goodness!