Monday, April 26, 2010

So Long Insecurity pt 3

I have posted about going and posted about the amazing women I met while there, so now I need to do some hard core posting about what I learned while in Atlanta.
(This will be long, so beware. Also, some of this is hard to write out, but I know that I need to let it out.) Thanks for sticking in this journey with me.

I am INSECURE! When I started reading the book So Long Insecurity, I knew it would bring many things up in my life. Still I forged on.
I have done many things and sinned a whole lot because of how insecure I was. This past weekend as I sat with 9000 other women listening and learning about how to be secure, the more I realized how extremely insecure I am. I can see how I have allowed my insecurity as a woman to completely control how I have lived my life. And I don't want to live insecure. The good thing is that God doesn't want me to live insecure either. So I am digging my heels in and going after SECURITY in CHRIST!

Some points from notes that I took during Beth's talk: (I took 7 pages of notes)
The text was from Eph. 4:17-24
Insecurity is our biggest issue.
Insecurity is not a weakness, it's unbelief.
No one will force your calling on you- not even God.
Live a life worthy of your calling.
Grace is our excuse for being made brand new.
6 statements of secure women:
1. Saved from herself
Security makes us think less often of ourselves.
2. Entitled to truth
We can live like we've always have, or we can do something different.
3. Clothed with intention
A woman dresses on purpose.
When you walk in security, you intend to. You mean to. You are determined.
We must be clothed in strength and dignity.
We can't wait to feel secure to live secure.
4. Upended by Grace
How much more likely would we forgive if we were secure?
Grace turns everything upside down.
Nothing hold us in insecurity as much as not believing we have been forgiven.
Grace is the only thing that we can give away and also keep.
Unforgiveness is a tap worm- it will eat us alive.
5. Rebounded by love
God wants us to live like the loved child that we are.
How convinced are you that you are loved?
If a heart doesn't heal, it hardens.
When we know that we are loved, we love.
We will find out what it is to love people without needing them to love us when we are secure.
6. Exceptional in life
If you become secure you will stick out like a healthy thumb.
You will be the exception.
The people around you will be worth what you have to go through to be free.

So after I wiped my tears and the lady in front of patted my shoulder, I knew that I wanted security. I want to be able to walk into a room and not worry about if everybody will like me. I don't want to think about if I truly can have a husband that loves me for me. I want to know that at the end of the day that Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and I am secure in my relationship with Him. I want security for myself, for my future daughters, for their daughters. I want SECURITY!

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