Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

Today over at Kelly's Show Us Your Life it is BABY NAME TIME! Can I tell you how much I love baby names! Well, I do. I have always wanted children and I am in the waiting game. However, I would love a whole bunch of kiddos running around one day. The more the merrier. I remember writing baby names down when I was in junior high, so this is a long time coming. Things have changed over the years, and some of my names have changed. And of course once I do get married and have children, I might ask my husbands input. Maybe. But for now these are my baby names. I am only going to post two for a girl and two for a boy.
Girl Names
Addyson Yevette
Addyson because I simply like the name.
Yevette is my friend Toya's middle name and I would love to name a daughter after her. She is an incredible woman of God, and has been a great friend to me through many hard times over the years.

Kenadee Renee
Kenadee- My live was truly blessed when I moved in with a family 6 yrs ago and became a daughter for what felt like the first time in my life. He's name is Ken and her middle name is Dee, so I have formed my own spelling of the name.
Renee- My middle name is Renee and so is my birth mom's. I am not totally sure that I am going to use it one day, but for now this is a way that I can combine both of my families.

Boy Names
The boy names that I like have more to do with what they mean. I love looking up meanings of names and I like these names together. 
Aiden Hezekiah
Aiden- means little fire.
Hezekiah- means power of God.

Issac Benjamin
Issac- means to laugh.
Benjamin- means son of my right hand.


  1. those names are great! can't wait for you to have your own little kiddos to name ;)

  2. those are some great names and I love your reasons for choosing them. I pray you'll be blessed with many children one day!! Have a great weekend.

  3. i love the spellings of your favorite kids names - so unique.