Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A quick post....

This past week and weekend has been a little rough. Last Monday, my best friend's dad went to be with Jesus. Mr. Johnny was a great man of God, and I miss him very much. Then on the day of the wake, my car broke down. I was at Walmart, and when I came out it just wouldn't start. So off to the shop it went. It's still there. You never know how much you depend on something till you don't have it anymore. The lady I babysit for took her 5yr daughter to Dallas to pick up a puppy on Sat. I got to meet Darby when I came on Monday. The kids are out of school this week and with me working 12 hrs at night, it is a little more tiring. It's Tuesday, and I have survived so far. Hopefully my car will be fixed by today and I can get back on the road. Here are some pictures of the new puppy and things we did yesterday and today.

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