Monday, July 5, 2010

8 things...

A new blogger friend, M, has a post about 8 things. I thought it was a great idea and love getting to know other bloggers so here goes. Would love to hear your 8's.

8 things I'm looking forward to...
   1. Taking Trey somewhere- don't know where yet
   2. My friends Beka and Berea having babies!
   3. Going to Zumba this week
   4. Meeting the man that God has for me (and where is he?)
   5. Going on a mini vacation by myself in 2wks.
   6. A retreat in August
   7. Going to Simple Free in September
   8. Getting to hopefully see Kelly as I pass through her town.

8 things I did Yesterday
   1. Woke up earlier than I wanted too.
   2. Did a LOT of Luau shopping.
   3. Decorated for a surprise Luau birthday party.
   4. Got a pedicure.
   5. Got a Smoothie King smoothie
   6. Had a WONDERFUL time at the luau.
   7. Laughed.
   8. Got hot.

8 things I wish I could do
   1. Scrapbook more often
   2. Really loose weight
   3. Sew
   4. Travel all the time
   5. Live at a hotel complete with room service & housekeeping
   6. Get married and become a mommy (that's my biggest dream)
   7. Sponsor more Compassion/World Vision children (one day, I will)
   8. Grow plants or at least keep them alive

8 shows I enjoy
   1. Biggest Loser
   2. Kendra
   3. Keeping up with the Kardashians
   4. Kourtney and Khloe take Miami
   5. Losing it with Jillian
   6. Deal or No Deal
   7. 7th Heaven
   8. Golden Girls

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