Friday, September 10, 2010

So it's been a week.....

Last Thursday (I know-it's been a week), I had the kids until late that night. Tay had meet the teacher night at his new preschool, so I had to take him. It went great. I know that he will enjoy his time there. Plus, I will enjoy the 5 hours anyway I want to. Probably to sleep. Ha!
This is Anns and Tay before heading out the door.
Doesn't he look so grown up. He was truly excited about going to school.

On last Friday, I started the day off great by getting Tay and going walking. I had been doing great with the walking. I would only have him for a little while that day, so we hit it early. I like to walk on my road because from my house to the stop sign is one mile. There is a bridge at 1/2 a mile, so it's easy to keep track of how far I've walked. Now, we have walked this road before and I drive it to get home. I had not noticed this tree before Friday. Once I saw it, I felt like God was speaking directly into my heart. Sometime on a road traveled all the time, I may have to be the one thing that sticks out by myself. I may not always have things around me, but if I would just trust Him then my life will be just fine. I have been seeking God for some answers in some areas of my life and felt as though that lonely tree was there just for me that day.
My reminder every time I walk passed it.
I tried to get a picture of Tay and I walking, this is the best!

Later Friday afternoon, I headed to Murfreesboro, TN. It's right outside of Nashville. The drive was long. It shouldn't have been, but I followed the GPS instead of my head. Oh well. I FINALLY got there. I had just enough time to check into my hotel and meet Kaylynn before heading to Simply Free.
The event was incredible. I could never do it justice on this blog or even in just telling you. It's something that you have to experience for yourself. I know that I will attend again next year.
It starts with worship. And man, that praise team was incredible. A couple of people spoke, sharing their testimonies. Just where God has brought them from and what God's doing in their lives now. Simply being honest that nobody is truly perfect, but through Christ, we can live in freedom. It was refreshing to know that I am not the only one who has made some mistakes that seemed unforgivable. Jesus DIED so that I could live. And He meant to live freely. And I'm so thankful.

Actress Jennifer O'Neill came and shared her story with us.
She has an amazing life story. Full of heart ache, but also laced with God's love.
Tracey (the blonde) gives Doris and Mike (the co-founders of Branches) a painting that Stacey did for Branches.
Stacey's drawing. A person being free!
Jennifer O'Neill and I
Wouldn't you know my camera was on the wrong setting. Oh well.
Danielle and Kaylynn. Kaylynn invited Danielle to Simply Free from her work.

Friday night was eye opening for me. Just to see and hear first hand how God works through people. Simply Amazing. 

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