Monday, December 13, 2010


Winter has arrived! Yesterday we had snow flurries falling outside and it's currently 17 degrees. Not my idea of fun. I don't like cold weather. I would much rather play in the sunshine on a warmer day.
When it's winter outside it means:
-being creative on how to entertain kids inside all day
-bulky coats with scarves and gloves
-having to wait on the car to warm up and defrost
-the leaves fall off trees and the grass dies
-it gets darker earlier
And so many times I find myself in a "winter" stage in life. Things haven't gone the way I thought they would. Who knew at 25 I would spend another Christmas as a single woman? I didn't thats for sure. Things just seem to have grown colder and some things have died. Just like winter.
But a lesson that I've been leaning on lately is that without the winter, there would be no spring. In spring
trees, flowers, and grass begin to grow. It's that way in my as well. I must focus on the future. God has not left me in this lonely, cold season. He has great plans for me. Do I know what they are? Not yet. But in the right time, God will reveal Himself.
Some things about this winter season that I love....
-sitting in front of a fireplace with a book
-buying Christmas presents
-looking at decorations
-Christmas plays
-Celebrating the birth of our Savior
-having Christmas parties with friends
-watching Trey with his new toys and the way his eyes light up
No matter what season it is outside or even in my heart, God is so good. God has blessed my life with friends and family. I have a Godson (Trey) that stole my heart the moment he screamed in this world. So no matter how much I think I knew how I wanted my life to be at this stage, it's so much better.

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