Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Yesterday I simply had an impulse. I sometimes have these often. Sometimes it makes me want to eat something I know that I shouldn't, or buy something I shouldn't. Well, yesterday, I decided to go to the salon and go curly! I have had a perm before. My hair was to my waist and it took over 3 hours to roll (just roll!) my hair. It looked great afterwards and I stayed curly for almost two years. Then I wanted a change, so I chopped it off up to my chin and went back straight. I have been wanting a change for a while. It seems as though my hair is instant impulse change for me. So I have a new look. I hope it makes it a lot easier to deal with this summer. It is so hot already, and it will only get hotter! So here is my new look:
Waiting on the solution to work 

Last night after I got done 


I have tried to contact the winners of the Reshaping it All books, and no one has replied. So I am picking two new winners. If Tracey from Girls to Grow and Sarah (left a comment on May 4th at 9:59 am) would email me their address, I will mail off these two books.
Have a great day!

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