Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rest of January

January 29- I spent a lazy morning at home. I did venture out to have lunch at Olive Garden. I ran into Casey and her family. They were celebrating her birthday. After an afternoon nap, it was back to work for me. Of course, now I wish that I had taken our picture.

January 30- That morning the cat got outside and I was seriously worried she might not come back. So was Tay. He cried and cried. And finally Mittens came back. Oh the drama over a cat. We did school work and stayed at home for the day. I went back to work that night.
upset about the cat "running away" 
looking for the cat 
The run away 
he loves to play outside

January 31- Another day of school drop, school pick up, naps, and getting ready for the next day.
silly kids 
packing lunches 
letting Anns play with my hair 
yummy supper

January was a very full and fun month.

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