Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Week of September

September 24- Taylor and I had a busy morning. We did some shopping, grocery buying, and laundry washing. I even cooked Crockpot Chicken for dinner. A very productive day.
straightened the pantry 
he wanted to eat the fruit while we shopped
gotta love this place 
yep- two different stores  
he asked for a lunchable at Walmart 
crockpot chicken 
the kids loved it
September 25- Taylor was brought to me at work that morning. So we went to IHOP with Jametra for a breakfast date before school. I was staying late with the kids that evening. After the regular afternoon activities, we began the art of dinner. We had ultimate mac and cheese and Annsley made brownies (with a little help). It was a fun day for us.
at IHOP 
doing a great job 
wanted to lick the beater 
not to be left out  
my small portion 
after shower hair braid 
angry bird pjs
September 26- I got off early today. So I spent some time painting a fall canvas for my front door. I picked up Ella from daycare. Oh how I have missed her!
my head boppers for my party arrived 
front door canvas 
be still my heart 
two front teeth 
big smile 
sleepy girl
September 27- It was another day of everyday activities around here. Didn't even take a picture.
September 28- Taylor and I ate at a new cafe today. It was SO good. Then we had ice cream before getting Anns. I love days when everyone has a great day. It makes things so much easier.
new home cooked cafe 
all smiles 
saw this in the Ulta paper-made me think of Angie and Kelly. Also makes me wish I had one of these. Maybe one day.
September 29- I got up around lunch and went to see my friend Berea. She helped me cut out some props for my party photobooth. I slightly am jealous of her Cricut. It's awesome. Adding it to my Christmas wish list. Then we went to Grey's first birthday party. It was football themed. Really turned out cute, even though it was Ole Miss.
made a pit stop- it was much needed 
front table 
covered juice boxes 
football brownies 
birthday boy high chair 
food table 
birthday boy
September 30- It's the last day of September. How did it pass so quickly? After church, it was a Sunday afternoon nap day for me. I was really tired from the weekend and work.

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