Saturday, October 6, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week is very busy for me. Between working, kids, and doing last minute details for my upcoming party, I have been going nonstop. But I know that it will be worth it.

October 1- A morning at home with Taylor. An afternoon of homework and swim practice. An evening at work.
Taylor had a picnic waiting on me when I got there 
making my breakfast  
so delicious
looking really cute for school
October 2- Happy Anniversary to my parents. After getting done with the kiddos, I worked on a project for my party. These details may get the best of me. Hopefully not.
chocolate chip cookie was everywhere 
cheesy grin
October 3- It was school picture day for Taylor. He was not looking forward to it. He thinks I take too many pictures and doesn't like having his made. I hope he at least smiled.
option 1 
option 2
I was trying outfits on him and texting the pics to his mom for her option. We went with option 2.
October 4- After dropping Taylor off at school, I went to have my hair done. I needed a cut and color. To add some fun to my party, I got extensions. My hairstylist put them in that day. They are so easy to do. Annsley was fascinated with them. Their mom was going to be late so we ate dinner and played outside for a while that evening.
so tired 
wings, it's what for dinner 
Anns and I 
silly boy 
the bike riders 
fall leaves
October 5- Details, details, details. Today was all about last minute details for my party tomorrow. I dropped the kids off at the office after school and headed to Birmingham to see Chonda. There was a rearranging of her schedule and the show got moved to the night before my party. But it was important to me to go. So I did. I had a great time. And worth every minute!
movie on the ipad 
a much needed pedicure 
on the stage 
with Cynthia- the merch queen 
umm, hello? 
with THE Queen of Clean! 

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