Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 7-14

October 7- I spent the day in bed catching up on much needed rest. Then went to work that night.
I wanted something warm to eat and decided this was the best choice. It was delicious.

October 8- Since school was out, I had the day off. I spent Monday in bed sleeping as well. It was much needed sleep and rest.

October 9- It was back to my regular schedule of school drop off, pick up, homework, swim practice. I ended up staying later with the kids than usual. So we had dinner, rode bikes, and took showers.
one very tired boy 
at swim practice 
night riders
October 10- After dropping the kids off at church, I headed to church. Afterwards, I dropped off some gifts for a friends sons' birthday.
there was a theme
October 11- Another day in the neighborhood. Another night at work. You know, just the usual.
Flowers from my party that I brought to work and let someone have. They were so pretty.
October 12- I had the day off because of kids being gone. Taylor was at Nana's and Annsley went on a GA campout. So it was off to bed after work. It worked out for everyone.
October 13- After getting off working and taking a small nap, I got up to go sit at the Hills' house for a while. Then it was time to head to work.
I used my time wisely- Dirty Dancing and blogging!
October 14- After church, I went to hang out with my family. It was a great afternoon. Us girls went to see Pitch Perfect. It was a funny movie.
movie dates

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