Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This year we decided to do something we have never done. We went to Gatlinburg for the Thanksgiving holiday. There ended up being 12 of us staying in a cabin. More cousins stayed nearby. This is the first Thanksgiving without my MamaDean and Amanda. I was thrilled about the idea of going to Dollywood. THRILLED!!!!
After all the planning and waiting, it was finally time to pack the cars and GO!

Nov, 27- After a very early alarm, a stop at Starbucks, and picking up my cousin we headed to meet up with my parents, grandparents, and aunt. The car packing went smooth. Everyone got settled in and we were on our way. We stopped in Chattanooga for gas and a snack. My uncle and his family arrived before us. They updated us on our cousins that were snowed in from the night before. The roads cleared up before we arrived and we were able to get to the cabin easily. It was beautiful! There was plenty of room for all of 12 of us. Snow covered the porches and decks. So pretty. We had a lazy night in the cabin.

biggest rice krispie treat I've seen

nothing like a pool match 

time for bed
Nov. 28- HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We brought all the makings for our traditional Thanksgiving lunch. I chose to stay in the bed late. Took my time getting ready. Everyone came to our cabin for lunch. The kids played, the women cooked, and the men watched football. Pretty typical for Thanksgiving. After lunch, I took the 6 kids to see Catching Fire. What a trip. The movie was great. MSU won the Egg Bowl!!!! Go Dawgs. Later that night, Aunt Barbara, Danielle, and I took the challenge of Black Friday shopping at the outlet mall. My aunt was shocked to say the least. She had never done the crazy shopping before. She said she need to do it every year. Umm, not so sure. But we did have a lot of fun. Even if it was below freezing.
Macy Parade, grandparents, snow, Dad that can't work his smart phone

had a snowball fight with Nanny
silly kids
shopped til we dropped
Nov. 29- Everyone got up and dressed for our day at Dollywood. We got there at opening time. I wanted all the time I could have to do everything. I took the kids and my grandfather and aunt. My other grandparents and parents played it safe with the shows. At least there is something for everyone. The rides have to be a certain temperature before being opened. So we waited. And waited. We stood in line at the Wild Eagle first. I knew I was riding that ride no matter how long it took. PawPaw and Aunt Lynn were waiting on some benches while we stood in line. I went to check on them and they had decided they were going to ride. Who am I to so no? So we all rode. My PawPaw barely survived, but he did. I was proud. We walked around and saw the rest of the family. PawPaw decided to go with the safer crowd after his mighty ride. We also met up with more family and the kids and my aunt all went off to do their own thing and I went to do some things alone. I rode every ride I had intended on. I did ride the Wild Eagle 7 times. So much fun. I loved it!

fun times indeed. And 15yr old boys eat. A lot.
Danielle and Adam 
PawPaw and Collin 
Aunt Lynn and I
Nov. 30- Some of the family left late morning. The rest of us went downtown Gatlinburg to shop and just walk around. We came back for some down time. My parents, Danielle, and Aunt Lynn went to eat at TGI Friday. While there, we saw Auburn beat Alabama. Great game. We went to The Comedy Barn show. Super funny! 
family photos, Henna tattoos 
Comedy Barn fun
Dec 1- We packed up early and went to the Apple Barn. I absolutely love eating breakfast here. The apple fritters are amazing. YUM! We shopped at the little shops before heading out to come home. Traffic was awful. But we got home all in one piece. It was a great time away.

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