Friday, April 30, 2010

Just a thought....

McMama, who has a great blog, post today about Marry Well. What an interesting concept. I am single, 25yrs old, have a good job, and simply enjoy living life. Not that there haven't been moments in my life where I felt as though I wasn't as sure. Everybody has a journey to take and this is the one that God Himself choose for me. Wow! Did I think that I would be 25, not married, no children, and just "hanging out"? Absolutely NOT! If things had gone the way I planned, I would have everything with a white picketed fence. Yet, God has other plans. So, should I look further into this Marry Well thing? I'm not sure. I know that God has a husband that will love all my quirks and I don't want to miss him when he comes. In whatever way that God chooses to bring him.

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