Friday, June 25, 2010

Baxter Family Reunion-day 1

On Monday, my friend Hannah and I took a road trip (10hrs) to Bloomington, IN. We love reading Karen Kingsbury's books and she was hosting a Family Reunion based on a series of books. To tell you I had a great time would be an understatement. We stopped in Nashville (half way) and ate lunch at The Hard Rock. We arrived around 7:30 that night and had just gotten our stuff into the hotel when I received a text on my phone. I follow Karen on Twitter and she had posted where she and her family were eating that night in Bloomington and would like for anybody there for the reunion to come say hi. I have never seen two girls get ready so fast! As we were getting closer, I tweeted that I was about to go say hi. As I walked up, she turned to her daughter and was reading the message. I said, that's me! She remembered meeting me before, and we talked for the next hour like old friends. And that's what it felt like- two friends catching up. We got to know the other people with her also. We even followed her to Starbucks- she asked. Hannah and I went back the hotel super excited about the next day. I have to say that if you ever get the chance to meet Karen, please take it. She is a true example of living out the love of Christ.
Lunch Destination
Hannah and Elvis
Elvis and I
All we saw on our way
Either farms or rock walls
Such a welcomed sight
Karen, Me, Hannah
at the restaurant

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  1. enjoyed all the photos from your trip. glad you had a good time. Joe's Crab Shack sounds YUMMY! :-)