Friday, June 25, 2010

Baxter Family Reunion-day 2

We slept in- till 11! We did a little shopping and found a Target. The Red Carpet Party was scheduled to start at 7 that night, but we knew to get there early to be in line (I've done this before). So, by 4:45 we were in line at Indiana University. The doors opened and we walked the red carpet. We formed a line along the carpet to welcome Karen and the "characters". When they reached us, they stopped to hug us. Sure made me feel special. Hannah and I got seats on the third row. My copy of  Take Four, the latest release from Karen, was waiting on me at the table. The night was filled with Karen speaking, skits from CYT-a kids theater group, Kelsey and Ty singing and bringing theater to life. She gave away prizes and allowed us to simply feel the books coming to life. A magical moment for sure. Afterward she would sign books and take pictures, as well as would the other "characters". I knew how long it would take, so we went to eat. We brought Karen a drink from Starbucks back and got in line to wait. Well, the line was cut before we could reach her. We had to wait till the next day in order to see her.
Waiting (sitting)
It was HOTT!!!!
A welcome
"Dayne Matthews"
Kelsey and Ty
"Connor" "Bailey"
"Dayne" "Brandon"
Prize Quilt
Hannah and I
Just me
"Bailey" and I
"Connor" and I
"Dayne" and I
Anne and I

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  1. Cyndi,

    So jealous that you got to hang out at the Baxter Family Reunion! I was curious where you got your black, purple, and white dress that you are wearing in the so cute!!