Thursday, August 12, 2010

I may have to buy....

This week has been full of working (as usual) for me. I worked extra at the hospital on Monday night and worked my regular Tues & Wednesday. Of course, I've had Tay during the day and picked Anns up at school. Yesterday even after their mom took over at lunch, I still couldn't go to sleep. Oh my! It made for a long night. But, I am truly thankful for every moment.
On another note, I am not a person who cares to much about "name brand" items. I don't have to have what's cool and popular. I have always had what I needed but not necessarily what I wanted. However, I am really wanting some pieces from Vera Bradley. I love the things that I see other people have. I just might have to start collecting it one piece at a time. BTW- this is an idea for ANYBODY wanting to get me a Christmas present. HA! But, seriously, how cute is this pattern. It's called Puccini. Hope that your week has been going great!


  1. that is really cute! I think if we lived in the States I'd want a collection of one of her patterns too. I've always loved it!

  2. That's my pattern and I love it mucho, the only bad thing about it is that it's retired now :( if you find any of it, snatch it up because I'm still missing a few pieces!!!