Monday, August 23, 2010

Only a Week late...

I know that I have been MIA-for the three of you that read my blog. I'm sorry. It was a long week last week. And my weekend has been busy. I will post about the weekend later.
Last Monday, Tay and I took Sarah-their dog- to the vet. She need a place removed and her teeth cleaned. It was a drop her off, come back to get her kinda thing. It was fine until they took Sarah back. Tay had a MELTDOWN. Wish I had got it on video, but I do have a picture.
I could not understand what the world had happened.
I took him to play on the indoor playground (at 8:00) just to try to calm him down. He ended up being ok and we went back and got her after nap. He was so excited.

On Thursday I was doing a project that involved paint, so I let Tay help. He painted did great by painting the paper. Didn't make to big of a mess. It was a fun thing to do that we may do more often.

The rest of the week was pretty basic.

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