Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick trip to South Carolina

Last Saturday at the Turbo Retreat, I told Alison that I would come to South Carolina on this Saturday and help her at an event for Chonda. Chonda was doing a show and I was going to work the Turbo table. Just help sign up more turbos. Pretty simple. I knew that I would be babysitting until around midnight that Friday night, but would leave from there and head to SC. I was on the phone with Kaylynn and she decided to come with me. So at around 4am we met in Atlanta, GA and rode the rest of the way together. We got to SC at 9:30. A long drive!!! We nap and take showers and get ready to met Chonda and Alison. A change of plans happens- imagine that. So Kaylynn and I went shopping and walked around downtown. We went to the nearest bigger city so I could go to- TARGET! Ha. I have a addiction. I wanted to buy Natalie Grant's new cd and Target's version had a bonus track, and it was on sale. We go to the church and help set up things. We do what we came to do. Signed up 100 more turbos. That's a lot of people. We even had a few men sign up. And when you sign up, you get a free red boa. They shed a lot, but so much fun. We got to see the show and help with the meet and greet during intermission. Afterwards, we hung out with Chonda, Alison, and Sandy for a little while. Then we found an Applebee's. By that time it was midnight in SC and time for bed. On Sunday morning, we got up and hit the road. I had to come back to work after all. It was a really quick trip, especially since I was driving for over 20 hours in a 36 hour time frame. It was worth every minute and I would do it again. So much fun!!! I truly thank God for the things that I am able to do. So blessed.
Kaylynn and I at 4am in ATL
Chonda's favorite shop in Hartsville
The coffee shop had an old hair dryer
Kaylynn and I "working"
Mrs. Pat helped at the table
Mrs. Rita also helped
Mr. Billy was the first man to sign up
He looks good with his boa
Chonda can't get the microphone to work
Children of the World performed during intermission
Can she sing and play and the same time?
the new Natalie Grant cd. It's great. Start a Love Revolution

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