Friday, September 24, 2010

All Week

This week has been filled with kids, work, and a workout EVERYDAY. I am very happy to say that I have gone to the gym everyday this week. It's been a hard week. Some days I don't feel like going. I have to push myself. I am tired, very tired. But, I do feel better and it will be worth it.
Tay is doing great at his Tues-Thurs preschool class. He doesn't nap. So somedays, it's a challenge because he doesn't want to nap at home either. Anns is loving Kindergarten. She has so many stories to tell after school.
My friend, Beka, had her baby Bella this week and she is so precious. I will be going to see them on Sunday.
Tomorrow I am taking Anns, Tay, and Trey (my Godson) to see the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Show. That should make for a very interesting afternoon.
On the treadmill at the gym- not pretty, but real
My friend, Sade's baby, Sean.
This is Anthony Evans and I. He was in Memphis last weekend and I drove up to see him. He leads worship so well.

Have great weekend!!

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