Monday, October 4, 2010

Workout update...

It's been 11 days since I last posted. 11 days!!! Wow. Sorry Kristen. I am going to catch up bit by bit, so bear with me. This is about my workout/losing weight part of my life.

It's been hard. Not going to lie. At all. I have been going to the gym and watching what I eat better. It's one step at a time. And I've actually lost a few pounds and this weekend put on a pair of jeans that I could get into 6 months ago. So there is progress. I know that it's not going to magically disappear overnight like I wish it would. There are days when I am so tired that I can barely think about getting up to go to the gym. It's a hassle. But then again, so is my weight. So I go. I sweat. I push passed the pain. I even took a Pilate's class. Never taken one? DON'T. I'm just kidding but it really did hurt. Hurt parts of my body I didn't know I had. But I'm trying it again tomorrow.

I'm learning during this process that things take time. It's hard for me to wait patiently. It's hard for me to keep doing the work to achieve a healthier me. I live a busy everyday life and sometimes it's just hard.
I was in Nashville this past weekend and had some time to myself, so I went to a few stores that we don't have here in Tupelo. After being in 7 different stores without finding anything that I liked, I tried one more. In the dressing room, I simply lost it. I cried. In a dressing room. Yep! I felt so discouraged. It was as though I could not see past that very moment. So I left. Without anything. (I will tell you more about my Nashville trip later).

Today is better. Today I'm going to the gym after I'm done with kiddos. Today is a new day. Today God loves just as I am.
One day I did 11 miles of cardio. This is when my time ran out the first time.

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  1. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! You can do it! Keep up the good work!