Thursday, October 28, 2010

EWomen Oct. 2010

On October 22-23, EWomen headed to Tupelo. It's a great conference and I always learn a lot. I am challenged and uplifted throughout the weekend. It was a blast. And it just so happens that one of my favorite people was coming on Friday night. Can anybody guess who? Of course, CHONDA PIERCE!!!!

I had told my biological mom and grandmother about the event and they decided to come on Friday night. I knew that I would probably be helping Chonda and would be busy, so I was okay with them coming. Well low and behold, I did help Sandy and Chonda. I LOVE working with/for those ladies. And because I am more behind the scenes and as Chonda says "a personal friend", I have come to realize that my times of getting autographs, pictures, and just being a fan are basically OVER. So nope, I did not get one single picture of Chonda and I. I did get one of her and my grandmother, but it was taken on my phone that I had in my pocket. Ha, the life of dealing with Chonda. But, I wouldn't trade it. I love it. EVERY minute of it.

Chonda was incredible as usual. She tried out some new material, and it went over GREAT!! She made us laugh until I saw tears in the eyes of the people I was sitting around. Then she brings us right back to God- where laughter come from. Such a great testimony.

So I did my Chonda thing and came back out to the concert my Mercy Me. It was great. On Saturday, Sherri Rose Shephard spoke (she used to be Miss America). NewSong was the concert and also lead us in praise and worship. Angela Thomas spoke and gave us 7 points of peace in our lives.
They are
1. God is peace. 2.God sent His Son to be the Prince of Peace. 3. When we become followers of Jesus, we can have His Peace. 4. Staying connected to God gives us peace. 5. The Spirit of God produces peace in out lives. 6. The deep abiding peace from God is almost unexplainable. 7. One day we will live in peace forever.
Such a great teaching!!!

After lunch, I was just tired. So I had lunch and treated myself to a long nap at home. Then got up and met Jametra to see a movie and have dinner. A great way to end my weekend. Praise God for the true PEACE. And for girlfriends!
Chonda- doing what she does best
My friend Melody and I
Tina- my mom
Nellie- my grandmother and Chonda
New Song
Sherri Rose Shephard and I
Angela Thomas

This is the movie we saw. Must say I really liked it. Would even see it again.

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