Thursday, October 28, 2010

October in a blur....

I realized that I haven't blogged about regular life stuff for a long time...

My life is still pretty busy. It's my normal though. I feel as though I've done several things lately, just can't remember them all. And haven't taken lots of pictures- oh no! I HAVE to get back to the gym. Just got burned out with going and not seeing great results. I was really tired to be honest. I'm tired already and going to the gym was making me more tired. Not sure how that was possible. But no excuses, I am going to start back. Read my friend Rachel's post and realized that it was me that could've written that post. The pity party in me has to go. Please keep praying for me in that area. It's a life struggle that I continue to lay at the feet of Jesus. Since this month is almost gone, I am doing some highlights from what I've been doing. Not in any order, either.

I saw this "car" driving on the road. How funny is it?
I'm not really sure what it is, but it looked interesting to me.
Chonda is having a big show in Nashville on Nov 4th. At The First Baptist Church downtown.
If you want to come, I would love to meet you. Tickets available through
I went to Nashville on Oct 17th to help hang posters and pass out fliers to local businesses.
This is Tay on Picture Day at his preschool (Oct. 12). He looks so cute!
On Oct 15, we met friends for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
Yummy. This is while we waited.
Keston and I at the rehearsal dinner for a friend's wedding
Anns was out of school on Columbus Day,
so we went to HealthWorks for the Monday play group.
London and I after church on the 24th.

Thanks for asking (Kristen and Ken) for the updates. Love Y'all!

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