Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Kelly posted today about her life as a SAHM. She was very honest. It touched my heart. She's normal! Ha. I know that she is a normal, regular mom who is just loving staying at home with her daughter and looking forward to her new baby arriving next year. You see, I've met Kelly. And it was about as normal as two busy people finding time for a quick visit at the Chik-Fil-A as you could get. I'm not a SAHM, but I would like to share anyway.
I take care of someone else's children Monday-Friday. I work full time (at night) in Labor and Delivery at a hospital. I may not be a SAHM, but sometimes, I feel like one. As a matter of fact, I'm just a SAHN. (Stay At Home Nanny)  Most days go pretty smoothly, honestly. Anns is 5 and in school all day until 2:30. Tay is 2 and goes to a preschool on Tues and Thurs from 9-2. It helps! If you are a SAHM, I would encourage you to look into MDO, a preschool program of some kind, or anything else that may be available to you where you live.
Because my night time working schedule is different every week, some days it's really hard on me to want to do anything. So are there days when I am so tired I can barely move, much less fix lunch? YES!
If I have worked the night before I usually am in my scrubs all day until nap time when I can take a shower and put on fresh scrubs to go back to work. My hair usually stays in a pony-tail and I can't tell you the last time I had make-up on during the week. My house gets cleaned in bits about every other week. Some days I don't have the energy to clean the house where I am a nanny at. Some days, it looks just the same as when the parents left. And I'm so thankful that their mom understands. She's a doctor where I work, so her schedule is worse than mine. I go days without ever going back to my house. That's why my car looks like a rolling suitcase. Some days the kids don't want to nap. Tay and I may have had a bad day where he didn't/wouldn't do anything I asked him to do.
When it's all said and done, I love my life. It's busy, adventurous, and never dull. When I arrive at their house and Tay calls out "Cyndi's here", it makes my heart melt. Or when Anns gets in the car after school talking ninety miles an hour because she can't wait to tell me what happened at school. Or the mights where I have to stay late and we are snuggling on the couch after a fresh bath. When Tay comes running down the hall at the hospital yelling my name, and then leaps into my arms and hugs me tight.
It's life moments like these that make me love my "job" even more. I would love to be a mom, one day. And then I will have even MORE to say. Ha. A applaud all the SAHM in the world. You simply amaze me.
And Kelly, if you read this, I've seen firsthand how much of an amazing mom you are. And I love the "this is how I look everyday" look. It suits you.

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