Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Matthew West and a giveaway

Over this past weekend, I went to Nashville. I was visiting a friend, but also to attend the Matthew West concert. He is a phenomenal Christian artist. Jonny Diaz and Josh Wilson "opened" for Matthew. Matthew has been working on his new album The Story of Your Life. He asked for people to send him their stories. Well, I did. It wasn't the long version, but just a quick message about the journey of my life. I knew that he would be using these stories to write songs for this album. At the concert, he shared stories and the songs that came from those stories. 10,000 people send in stories. I'm in awe of that. Matthew wrote a song called "Broken Girl". That is the song that came from stories like mine. In his album, he doesn't dedicate the song to just one girl, but to all of us "Broken Girls". The concert on Sunday night stirred some things in me. So many times I just go through life with it being all about me. I don't look around to see who else I can help.
If Matthew is coming anywhere near you I would encourage you to go. It's simply incredible. I posted on Facebook and Twitter Sunday that "I laughed. I cried. I'm encouraged. I'm broken." And it's all true. I love this new tour of Matthew's. So much so that I would love to give a reader of my blog a copy of the brand new The Story of Your Life cd. It comes out in stores today. Just leave a comment on this post by midnight tonight. Leave an email address or link to your blog. I will pick a winner tomorrow.
Please know that God is still writing my story. And YOURS!

Matthew West and I
Jonny Diaz and I


  1. I don't think I've really ever listened to him! I'd love to win it :)

  2. Hey Cyndi! Didn't know you had a blog on blogspot. I just started blogging again. I just heard his song "My Own Little World" on the radio this afternoon. Love it! Visit my blog sometime www.finely-ground.blogspot.com

  3. Ta-da! Its your fav reader...bahaha. Yes, I was starting to get a little upset that you haven't posted so i kept reading the same one over and over...lol. Just kidding. But seriously i do look forward to reading. And i will have to make a note that both of the guys above are something called "gorgeous"...just saying. To me anyway...love you cyndi lou. AND you know i would like the cd because all i get to listen to are the "Cars" or "The Little Mermaid" movies and the last cd that i bought was in the year 2000. Seriously. ~SiddaTateTegenLainey's Mom

  4. That's encouraging! His lyrics are great.


  5. I definitely haven't heard of him, but what a cutie! And a cutie that can sing? MY FAV. :) I'd love to listen to some of his stuff!