Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Always on the go...

Lately I have had lots of friends tell me that I am always on the go. And it's true. My life is busy and I love going places. So that's what I do. I go. And I like it.

Last Friday night I was working for Chonda's show in Talladega, AL. I needed someone to go with me, so I invited Hannah. I knew she would be just fine. And now I have another avid Chonda fan!! We went over and worked both shows. That was an experience for sure. We had a few issues, but everything worked out. Overall, it was a good night. We had a blast with Chonda at least. But, I always do.

This show was at the Historic Ritz Theater 
The merch table 
The ticket window. So cool 
Cyndi- the merch girl And yes our names are even spelled alike.
We say we were meant to be friends. 
Since Cyndi and I had to stay in the lobby this is our view. 
Hannah and Chonda
More proof that I never get me picture with Chonda any more.
The memories are better than pictures anyway.

On Sunday, one of my best friends was having a baby shower. I was a hostess for this shower and knew I would spend the day in Houston, MS. Mrs. Pam asked if I could dance that morning in church. I said yes.
I danced to Mandisa's "Not Guilty"
After church, we decorated for the baby shower. It was fun seeing everyone and getting to spend some time with them. Berea and Zeke got lots of great things. Now, just ready for him to come. Hoping he arrives before Christmas. But, I would like for her to have him on Jan. 01, 2011. It was be cool to me if he was the New Year's baby. She will deliver at the hospital where I work, so no matter when Zeke is born, I will be there for sure!
Congratulations to Berea, Dusty, and baby Zeke.
Berea and I  
The wonderful cake- it was incredible and from my favorite place! 
We got an Edible arrangement- yummy  
Berea's sister painted these for Zeke's room

P.S.- I am leaving for a girls weekend tomorrow morning right after work. We are heading to Pigeon Forge and I am so ready to go. No kids, No husbands, No pets. Just us and a cabin. Watch out Pigeon Forge!! Please pray for safety as we travel. Have a great weekend!

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