Monday, December 6, 2010

Deeper Still

Wow. What a weekend!!! I thought that my heart was ready, but honestly it was not. I learned so much this weekend. It was exactly where I needed to be. And so thankful to God who saw me just where I am and chose to love me anyway. Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and Beth Moore (along with Kelly Minter) know how to bring the Word to 14,000 people. And only God could divide that Word and minister it to 14,000 people so that it resonates in each spirit. I will have to do another post on what I've learned. I was able to meet Kristen. We have talked many times through email about her up coming project and it simply blessed my heart to get to see her in person. Also, it was fun getting to see Kelly again. Also, Angie Smith was there and she signed her book. It you know anybody who has lost a baby, I would encourage them to read this book. She is an incredible woman of God and I can't wait to hear her speak next year. I am forever grateful to God for friends in life. So be encouraged today. God knows exactly where you are, and He loves you anyway.
Kristen and I 
Angie and I 
David Platt prayed over us at the end 
The Praise Team 
Kelly Minter 
Travis Cottrell led worship 
Priscilla Shirer- phenomenal 
Kay, Beth, and Priscilla 
Kay, Beth, and Priscilla 
The group Q&A 
These four sang some southern gospel 
Beth doing what she does- teaching! 

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