Monday, April 4, 2011

Back Tracking

On March 25th, my friend Sade' was having a girls night/birthday party and we rented a hotel room. That afternoon she brought her two boys and I took Anns and Tay to swim at the hotel. It's a very nice break in our routine. I love getting to swim in the winter time. Tay was so excited all day. He kept asking when we were going to swim. It's was really cute. We had a lot of fun. Then that night after I left from keeping kids (I had already agreed to stay longer that night), I went to the hotel. Oh my word. Those girls are crazy! In a good way. We had a lot of laughing, giggling, and talking. In fact, I didn't leave until 4:45 that morning. Sometime you just need some girl time in your life. I'm so blessed to have these friends in my life.
Tay had fallen alseep on the way to get Anns. When I looked back this is what I saw. He was ready to swim!
Ready to swim 
Jametra was sleeping when I made it to the hotel. (I'm sure she's going to kill me for this later) 
That Thursday night, I met up for dinner with a friend from high school. I don't see a lot of the people I graduated with and was excited to see Allison. We had a blast catching up. This guy beside her blocked her in so she could get out. It was kinda funny. Can't wait to see her again.  
And for bonus- Tay playing in his new sand box. He absolutely loves it. His mom did a great job!  
And this is what the treadmill said after one of my workouts last week. A proud moment.

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