Monday, April 4, 2011


It's a new month. I can hardly believe that it's April already. Where has 2011 gone? Time sure flies whether you're having fun or not. Well, with a new month, comes a new focus for me. I have been struggling lately with my weight loss. I know in my heart that it will not happen in just a few weeks. I know that I am trying to change my life. It's just hard at times. I don't like giving up foods that aren't good for me, but taste so yummy. It's hard going to the gym when I would rather be doing other things. It's hard to move when all your muscles are screaming at you. It's hard to press on when you've lost sight of what's ahead. I am happy to say that I have made some effort to regain some focus and go full steam ahead in my journey. An incredible Christian artist, Mandisa, recently celebrated losing 100 pounds. She has a great story that has inspired me a lot. You can read/see videos about her journey at her website I have gathered some information and got some tools to help me. I am actually excited right now. Kinda how I felt in the middle of February. And it's a good feeling. I bought a BodyBuggSP. It's a calorie counter that you where are your arm. I am liking it so far. Who knew you could burn so many calories!
In a video, Mandisa gives her 5 steps to weight loss advice:
1. Rely on the Word of God- memorize scripture
2. Eat healthy
3. Exercise- get moving
4. Enlist the help of a therapist
5. Lots of prayer
Also Mandisa's new album will release tomorrow. I'm beyond thrilled about it. I have been listening to Mary Mary's new cd Something Bigger this week while working out. I have found that being reminded about God's goodness and love has helped me push through this week. So please go buy/order online What If We Were For Real by Mandisa!
In other news, everything else is pretty "regular" in my life. The kids are great and have birthday's coming up this weekend. Hope you have a great day!

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