Thursday, May 19, 2011

Last day of school and new trainer

Tuesday was Tay's last day at school. So before going to the gym I went by his school to take a few pictures. They were supposed to play on water slides and were to arrive in swimsuits. So I took him to school in a swimsuit and a jacket. It has been quite chilly this week. Not usual for May around here. They didn't do the water slides, and instead played on the playground with bubbles. It was cute to see all his friends running around. I'm sad that school is over for him. More sad for me than him. I know that is probably really selfish of me. I know that this summer has officially begun for us and on that note, I am very excited. Anns has a few more days left at school.
My trainer, Drew, got a new job about 6 weeks ago. It is better for him and his upcoming family (he's getting married in June). I am very happy for him. We tried meeting after he got off work at night. I tried it. It didn't work for me. Because of my schedule I felt as though I was not staying focused during workouts. I started not making the appointments and other things caused me to miss. So, I asked for someone new. Drew got in touch with a new guy that was starting to do training sessions. So I met my new trainer, Joe last week. I think that I am going to really like him. I know him from us working in the mall at the same time while in high school. He is very dedicated and encouraging. So far so good. I'm liking the sessions now and feel as though starting all over. It's fun to see what I can do now compared as to when I begin in February. I've done a few things that I have never done before. And it's helped me regain my focus. Meeting in the day works so much better for me!!! I feel so much better throughout my day. So I am trying again. Honestly, this week I have eaten things that I shouldn't and in larger quantities than I have been eating. I know that I have to get refocused on the things that are important to me and that's getting healthier. So I am taking it moment by moment. That's all I can do. I have plans to be Nashville for a little while Friday and Saturday. I'm finally going to meet a blog friend that I am beyond thrilled to meet. So excited!!!
Hope that y'all have a fantastic weekend.

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