Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet moments

Right this very moment I am watching two sweet little boys (Tay and Trey) push trains around the room and hammer on anything they can. Such a sweet moment. I love the fact that my Godson and the kids I keep everyday get along so well. It's a good thing, because we will spend a lot of time together this summer. This moment warms my heart so much. After a busy weekend and working the past few days, I am enjoying this moment. Just two little boys playing. So precious.

Now to catch up on that busy weekend...
I drove to Nashville on Friday to visit my friend Kaylynn. She is moving this weekend and it was my last chance to see her before she left. We went to dinner and saw a carnival set up across the street. So like the two mature adults we are, we went home to simply enjoy our time together and catch up. NOT!! We went to the carnival to ride the rides. Yes we did. Waiting in line like every other kid there. I love the scrambler so much. My favorite! We had fun. Lived like the world was ending. Which is what people where saying. So why not live it up? We then went to the VERY LATE showing of Pirates of the Caribbean. Honestly can't tell you much because I fell asleep. HA. But, Kaylynn liked it. And the theater was full. So I think it was a good movie. Maybe someone who watched it can tell me. A good night for two friends to hang out.

On Saturday, I had made plans to meet up with a friend from this wonderful blog world. I woke up very nervous. Filled with questions. What if she doesn't like me? What if we run out of things to say? What if I look ridiculous? You know, those insecure doubts that creep back into our lives at the strangest moments. Yep, those. Well, it went great. We shopped a little bit and went to have lunch at Mimi's. I have loved this place since I first at it in Bentonville, AR. Wish we had one closer. I even chose great options for lunch. Donna and I were instantly chatting it up. It's so much fun when God works things out in our lives. So grateful to have another friend.
Donna and I
Isn't she just precious!!!

I came straight home from lunch. We were having double birthday celebrations for some friends of mine. I hit a bad traffic jam and was an hour later getting home. All things worked out for the best. I had a great time with my friends who are more like family. Enjoyed a lazy Sunday and headed to work for the past two nights. Trey is staying with me until tomorrow,so who knows what all I will be doing the rest of the day or the week.
Denise and I 
Just me 
Jametra and I
Man, my hair is getting so long!!!
Anns and I reading yesterday

And now currently:
Future digger? 

I'm enjoying these two sweets boys today. Anns is at a friend's house so it's just them and me for now.
Gotta go....

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