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On June 3rd, we left for Atlanta. This was a trip to take Trey to do a few things that he hasn't done yet. My love for this kid sometimes shocks me. Our first stop on this adventurous weekend was Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA. It was really a fun place. Lots of things to do outdoors. They have a Great Barn that is a 3 story barn with indoor activities. Ball pits, finding apples, slides, a trampoline floor, and nets to climb. Trey wanted to stay there all day. Maybe I should've saved it for last? They have a train you ride around the mountain. There is a miniature golf course. Yogi Bear has a 4D show that we saw twice-yep it was that good. SkyRide is a cable car that goes to the top of the mountain. We rode it. Trey seemed nervous at first, but ended up loving it. We walked around on the top while waiting for the next car going down. While waiting in line, a buzzer starts going off and we are evacuated back outside because of a fire alarm. Burnt popcorn! That made the wait to go down the mountain even longer. Once on solid ground again we saw Yogi Bear again. It's interactive, so it kept us guessing. We decided to go back to the hotel and swim. The plan was to swim then come back for the Laser show at 9:30pm. After realizing that we could come back on Saturday night to see the laser show free, I decided that would be our best bet. So we swam and ate in the room on Friday night.
I only packed ONE bag. No one can believe it!  
Trey when we got to the room. And yes, I'm the person who makes kids carry as much as they can. 
Before entering Stone Mountain 
He wasn't tall enough to stand on the man's side.  
Miniature golf 
The train  
He wanted to take pictures while we waited for the train to start. This is what he took.  
The United Daughters of the Confederacy carving in Stone Mountain 
Tina (my mom) and Trey riding up the mountain 
A smile! 
Going up 
Once on top of the mountain 
He thought he was so big 
Not sure about going back down 
We had to see Yogi twice 
Going to the pool 

On Saturday, I got up before anyone else and went to the breakfast area and read a book while I waited for them to wake up. Sometimes you just need to be alone. We went to the Georgia Aquarium. We saw the Dolphin Tales show and the Under the Sea 3D movie. Trey was ready to do hands on things. He doesn't like to be still for too long. So we went through EVERY exhibit we could. He touched sting rays and tried to touch the shark. He loved the dolphin show and the big fish tanks. We had a great time. We went to eat after the aquarium and headed to the hotel to swim for a little while. We left early enough so that I could run into Target. I needed to pick up a couple of things. Plus, I just couldn't be near one and simply not go inside. I asked someone if they had an ice cream place nearby. Directly behind the Target was a Cold Stone Creamery. Hallelujah! Once back at Stone Mountain, we had to park and walk about 2 miles to the field where the laser show would be. It seemed as though everyone in the state of Georgia was there. So crowded. We found a great spot next to some rocks that gave us a little privacy from other people. We played and took pictures until the show started. It was really a GREAT show. If your ever in Atlanta, I strongly suggest you go see the laser show. It cost $10 for a vehicle to enter the park and the show is FREE every night. We took chairs and snacks with us, so it was probably the cheapest thing we did. We saw these light up mo hawks and Trey kept asking for one. So after the show, I found a vendor and we both got laser light up mo hawks. The smile on his face was worth it. It stayed on his head the whole ride back to the hotel and he even tried to sleep with it. It was around midnight before we got in the bed that night. We had a busy but productive day.
Just a snoozing 
Entering the aquarium 
Waiting for the dolphin show 
He wore the glasses finally 
the three of us 
watching the fish swim around 
Sitting at Longhorns 
Target was summerized 
Yummy, yummy cold stone  
Playing on the rock at the laser show 
Our matching mo hawks 
Trey and Mimi 
So proud 
When I opened the door to get him out at the hotel...

On Sunday, we loaded up and headed to Birmingham. We were simply spending the day lounging around. We stopped to eat at Johnny Rockets at The Summit. We got to our hotel and headed straight for the pool. We spent most of the afternoon in the pool. A lady tried to get Trey to swim on his own without the float. We played ball and had fun. Once we decided to get out, Trey went into the water without anything helping him. It scared me so badly. But he ended up doing fine. Big shock for me though. We watched a movie and ordered pizza in the room. Well, I guess Trey thought enough with being inside and he began to jump from bed to bed. He did this for about 30-40 minutes. I figured, why not. We are on vacation, right?
On Monday, we headed to Alabama Adventure for our last day of fun. I've taken Trey here for the past two years and hope to carry him every year. We always have so much fun there. We do water stuff first. Eat lunch and ride amusement park rides. Go back to the water side and then back to the amusement park side. This year, Trey was tall enough to ride a few of the adult rides. So we did. I love riding rides and am glad that he is up for it too. We always did a few things that only he could do. We are always so tired after being outside all day. It made for a quiet ride home. We dropped him off with his Mama, and I headed to bed. A great vacation to say the least.
Old jukebox at Johnny Rockets 
Ready for Alabama Adventure

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