Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing catch up...

So, it's been a while since I have posted. I read blogs everyday, but somehow just don't blog myself. I need to work harder at it. Yea, yea. One day. For now here's an update on what's been going on in my life.

Now that the kids are out of school, I am trying to find things for us to do during the day. I like to keep busy. I also enjoy those lazy days at home. I had Trey again on Wednesday last week. He loves coming to play with Anns and Tay. We played outside and had so much fun.

On Friday we met my friend Kristen and her FOUR kiddos at the splash park. We ate lunch at the park and just let the kids run wild. It was fun to get to hang out with Kristen and the kids. I love being able to do things with other people who have kids around the ages of Anns and Tay. It makes the days so much easier.
Lainey and I 

All the kiddos 
Sidda and Anns 
I just want to eat these cute legs! 
Anns filled water balloons for everybody. She was a quick hit!
It was a fun day for all. And a bonus: we took a 3hr nap!!

On Sunday, I went to Houston, MS to go to church at New Wine Fellowship. I used to go to this church and everytime I come back, it's like coming home. My friend, Kelly, was in town and I couldn't WAIT to see her. Kelly is currently doing chemo treatments and I was so excited to be able to see her. The members of the church wore doo rags on their heads to make Kelly feel more comfortable. It was incredible. The service was great. Woke up the next day thinking about a line from the sermon: When we revisit the past, we are inviting the past to revisit us. So true. And something that I needed to hear. God's timing is so perfect. After church, we all stayed for lunch so we could hang out. Loved seeing my friends I don't get to see often. And please pray for Kelly.
The only picture I got of us. And I LOVE it! And I LOVE her!

Monday was memorial day. I am so thankful to men and women who give their lives daily so that I may have freedom. I am so blessed to live in this incredible nation. I didn't do much of anything to celebrate the holiday. I didn't keep kids that day, so spent it sleeping and saw a movie with Jametra. Very much a needed break from everyday life in my world. On Tuesday, I took the kids swimming at Kristen's grandmother's house. I am willing to swim all day everyday this summer. It's already so hot. UGH! But I prefer summer to winter. And then yesterday the kids went on vacation to the mountains with their parents, so I have the rest of the week off. (I am doggie sitting a couple of days). I had planned to take Trey on a small vacation and do somethings closer to home that we've never done before. Seems like a great idea. So I have to go wash laundry and pack, because we leave bright and early tomorrow and I am no where near ready.
Enjoy your weekend!!
Kristen and Lainey 
Anns and Sidda 
Tay- love his face in this picture 
He loves his float 
One more of this precious girl.

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