Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 3...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the days where I have worked all night and have to work again the following night, I try to do something other than things at home with the kids. It keeps me busy and it usually makes for a good naptime. Today, Anns had a friend come over for a few hours in the morning. They played really well and even included Tay. We played outside for a while. Came inside to play. Walked around the lake. Came inside to make lunch. After lunch, I fixed snowcones for everyone. Then, it was time for LK to go home. Anns read a little to me before nap. Today everyone was in need of a nap, so we started naptime early. It worked out great. We all took a long nap. Then Anns read to me some more. Then I made the kids snowcones, again. Their mom come home early and I headed to work. So it's another night of 12 hours at work. We are on countdown mode though, the beach is only a day away!
Brought down the babies 
Anns & LK 
Wanted to be Woody again 
Fun with sidewalk chalk 
Tech savvy 
Ipad genius 
Bandaging her foot after she scraped it  
Summertime grass....

It was a good day. Not as many pictures or details today. That's just how it goes some days, though.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Those kids are so blessed to have you! (Their parents are even more blessed!)
    Have a great trip! You deserve it!

  2. I love the bag!! I agree with GreenGirl, we are all blessed to have you! :) This is so cool to see everything you do, but I'm tired just reading about it!!