Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I got up around 6:30 to get ready to go the Hill's. Since I have to go back to work at the hospital tonight and will have kids again tomorrow, I have to plan and pack to be away until Thursday night. I try to take everything I will need for two nights at work and three days with kids. Sometimes I forget things and it all works out, but at least I try. I had a couple of things that had to be done on the way (like getting gasoline), so I had to leave a little early. I arrived at 7:45.
This is my new bag. I got it here. I love their products. Very reasonably priced. I got this bag hoping it would be big enough for my to take to FL without having to take more than one bag. Nope. Not big enough.

After parents left, we watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I turn the tv off after one show once I'm here. I always have. Some days they would rather watch tv all day, and for that matter so would I; but it doesn't happen around here. Only times they get more than 30-45 minutes of tv with me is when they are sick. The morning started off with them "hiding".
Surely, I can't see them.
They played dress up this morning. Tay was Woody "the most famous cowboy". I laughed when he said that. I could only picture John Wayne in my head, not Woody. Anns was a cheerleader.
She's saying Blue and White. That's what she remembers from cheer camp last year.  
Go Team! 
Not sure what he's looking at 
Love the way he is posing

                          After playing a while, Anns had to read to me. We got through two books.
He chose to play with her baby doll's eyes while she read.

They played a few minutes before I made them change back into their real clothes before lunch. Anns brought down her cd player and sang along to Veggie Tales while I unloaded the dishwasher waiting on lunch to cook. Yep, I'm a multitasker! We had baked chicken nuggets (Anns doesn't like them microwaved), corn on the cob, and apple slices.
Woody is a handy man, who knew? 
Anns and Darby 
Sing God is So Good 

After lunch, Tay played outside while Anns read to me again. Can you tell that we (her mom and I) are trying to work on reading skills before schools starts again? Then we went out front so they could ride their bikes. Then Tay went down for a nap and Anns went upstairs for a while. I used naptime today to take and shower, type most of this post, and take a 20 minute nap. I'm not really tired right now, but I know later I will be.
I only take pictures of Tay during naptime, since if were to go upstairs, Anns would talk to me forever. So I don't go up there unless I have to.
For a snack today Anns wanted to make snow cones. So we did. Super easy. So glad their mom told me how to do this.
Put ice in blender. Add snow cone syrup. Blend. Pour into glasses. Yep, that's it
Tay just wanted orange 
Anns is more daring. Grape, watermelon, and strawberry 
Enjoyable snack for both

I used snack time to get ready for work. Then I cleaned up the kitchen and sat down with Anns to read another book. Only 4 pages into it, their dad came home. I ran to get something to eat before work. We never know what we are coming into at work, so it's a good idea to get/bring something beforehand.
So the rest of my night includes 12 hours at work.
Another great day!!
Happy Tuesday

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  1. Sorry I posted my comment on the wrong day!! I'm having "one of those days"! I do LOVE the bag! :)