Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 22, 2011

It's Saturday the 27th of August and I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Montgomery, AL! And updating my blog none the less. Yes, I have to go out of town to have time to blog more. Not really. I'm in Montgomery for the Selah and Angie Smith concert. I was planning on seeing Mandisa again tomorrow in AR, but I had some plans to change. So I'm here tonight. Expecting great things! I'm in love with Selah's new cd Hope of the Broken World. LOVE IT! I'm a little early, so blogging seemed to be the logical answer. I was going through pictures of the past week and I took a lot on Monday the 22nd. So I'm breaking up the week. Something new. HA, you wish. I plan to update the rest of the week at some point this weekend. Wouldn't want to get too far behind, would I? Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Trey wanted me to be the one to get him after school on his first day. Others were available to get, but he wanted ME. And I wasn't about to say no. So Tay and I spent the day at home and picked Trey up from school. These boys play so well together and I so thankful. I asked Trey about school. He had fun and learned new things. I asked him about new friends. He said he had made some new ones. I asked him what their names were. He said "Well, I know my teachers' names." How funny. He is loving school and I know that he is learning so many things.
Such a big boy!  
Playing with each other beats playing with me- anyday 
I'm hopeless in LOVE 
Nothing like some chalk play 
attempt #1 
Tay got a new mater toy over the weekend 
not wanting me to take his picture 
It will do- attempt #2 
more cars/trucks 
new bullseye for Woody 
just me 
loves his trucks and cars 
bike riding
having a snack break 
love this boy 
Trey came home with me until his mom got off work. We played checkers. For some reason, he won every game. 
Mr. Potatoe Head 

Monday was a great day! I love every minute that I get to spend with these two precious boys. Anns has a different schedule on Mondays, that's why she's not in any pictures. She wasn't there.

Now, time to go to the concert!

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  1. I'm jealous! I am preparing for this crazy hurricane...
    Although I am having a bunch of people over for dinner...unexpected for sure!
    It's amazing what you can throw together!
    I LOVE the one song they sing.."I Look to You"....totally cry when I heard it