Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 23-26

Tuesday- Aug. 23
Tay and I spent the morning at home. Their rug is gone from the living room right now, and he loves playing with his trains and cars on the hardwood floor.
I got the bright idea of getting out my old roller blades and going around the lake a few times while Tay rode his bike. I've had these roller blades since junior high. A long time ago.
I got out of the garage fine. For some reason, on the road it didn't feel right. I didn't make it far at all. Tay told me that I was going to fall. I didn't fall. But I did take off the blades and put on my tennis shoes.
Much better
When we were walking back in the garage, I noticed some rubber pieces that were not there before. I asked Tay what they were. He looked at me and said "Your wheels." And he had that facial expression of DUH! You know the one. Sure enough, the outer part of my blades had come off. Dry rotted I guess. No wonder they didn't feel right. I laughed so hard.
Wanna guess where those roller blades made their way to? The trash.
It was a great idea and I think if I didn't have defected wheels, I could've made it around the lake. At least
I'm telling myself that.
We spent some time running a few errands before getting Anns from school. One stop on my list-Lifeway. Selah's new cd released that day so we stopped by to pick it up. We listened to it in the carpool line. Tay tried singing along. It was really cute.
(This is before leaving Lifeway. I always buckle him up before driving)

The rest of the afternoon was filled with naptime, homework, and snacks. I then headed off to work for the night.

Wednesday- Aug. 24                                                                                                                                 
Every last Wednesday of the month, the school lets out at 11:00. Once we picked up Anns from school, we came home to play. I had bought a cantaloupe and pineapple. Tay thought that it was all just for him. He loves fruit and really didn't want to share.

I wanted to take a couple of pictures of the two of them, because it's rare for Anns to be home during the day now. I had gotten out my small Nikon camera. Anns wanted to take some pictures with it. She likes it because it's purple. So here's some captured moments:
His new angry bird shirt. And my attempt of cleaning out the cabinet.  
She's getting better at taking pictures of herself. Where she learn that? 
She looks like she's choking him- no kids were harmed in the picture taking process 
Anns made him move around to different parts of the house during her camera holding time.

Thursday- Aug 25                                                                                                                                       
Their mom had a few things to do that morning while I was with Tay. I met up with her at lunch and she took Tay with her. I went home and layed down for a nap. I woke up 8 hours later. Great nap. I had plans to meet up with some ladies from work to see the late showing of The Help. Jametra and I decided to go eat at Olive Garden before the movie. We were both reading with our Nooks, and the waiter said he usually tells people to put away their electronics and talk. We explained that we talk enough and actually wanted to each read. I had worn my Chonda shirt and cap and joked with Jametra that I was taking Chonda with us to dinner and a movie. We met up with Hannah from work at the theater. Again, I loved the movie.
me and Chonda 
my favorite thing at OG- zeppoli

Friday- Aug 26                                                                                                                                           
When I got to their house, Tay was in his new Halloween costume. He stayed in it all morning. And when we left, he wanted to wear it out. I said no. He was so cute though. I told him he could pick what we ate for lunch. He didn't give any thought to it- sushi. A boy after my heart.
waiting for food 
I asked for a smile- this is what I got 
Loves sushi

I went to watch Hannah cheer at the MHS vs SHS football game. Troopers Won!
Amanda and I 
Ken and Amanda 
Trooper and Tiger dance off 
Go Troopers! 
Hannah and I 
Hollie and I

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