Sunday, September 4, 2011

Just soap?

On Thursday I was using nap/quiet time to get ready for work. I happen to LOVE the shower in the master bathroom. I got ready to get in and noticed this:

(not sure how to fix bottom of picture)

My immediate thought was "Why did they not throw away the old soap." I mean, if you are opening another bar of soap, wouldn't you throw away the old soap? Or at least use all of the old one before using the new bar? Maybe it's just me.
In that moment, I felt God reminding me that if He threw away everything that seemed old or no longer of any value, then I wouldn't be here.
How many times in my life have I left things behind for something new? Gone on to the next big thing. Not really considered that God had something great for me if I would've just hung on for a little while longer. Simply finished what I started.
And yet, at so many times in my life I feel like that old bar of soap. Used, worn out, tired, and broken. But then God steps into those places in my life and offers a new start. A fresh outlook. A cleansing.
And it's all because my sins are WASHED in the precious blood of the Lamb.

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