Friday, August 12, 2011

Back on schedule

I love when school starts again. New supplies (I'm the weird person that LOVES back to school shopping), new teachers, new activities. It's like having a fresh start. And for me this year, I'm joining in on the fresh start part in my personal life. I'm doing better overall and working hard to better myself. I'm a creature of habit. I love routine. Summer messes that up for me. I just try to be flexible and available for whatever comes along. But, honestly I like the structure of knowing the schedule of day to day life that happens in the fall. So now we are almost back on track. Anns has started school and Tay will start in September. It will be exciting to see how much they change and grow again this school year. I was thinking the other day about how long I've been apart of their lives. It doesn't seem as though over two years have passed already. I am so blessed to be able to do what I do. I absolutely love this family and these kids. I'm so grateful. So to their mom- thanks so much for the joy that I see everyday with your kids(even on the hard days).
Anns on her first day of school- last Thursday
(her mom took this picture)
Over the weekend, the kids got Lego's. Smaller Lego's. Tay has had so much fun building with these this week. So have I.  
We've been working on spelling and writing his name 
guess what I've been up to 
Getting some exercise in as well (the machine wasn't on) 
Train time 
This boy loves some sand 
Storm clouds 
So happy 
smile big
We picked up Hollie from school  
They loved her trampoline 
Anns and Charlie- Hollie's newest puppy

Today Tay and I ran errands before getting Anns from school. I love the faces he makes.
We stopped by Sonic 
Keeping it cool

On Thursday I got to hear my new Godchild's heartbeat. 140's. We find out if it's a boy or girl on Sept 8. I'm praying and hoping for a GIRL!!!! I'm very excited if you couldn't tell. On Thursday night, I went to my friend's Pampered Chef party. Anyone else heard of it? I love the products from there. So many useful things. Now I need to cook more. Afterwards, Jametra and I saw The Help. I know several people have seen the movie and read the book. I read the book before seeing the movie. I loved both. I will be seeing the movie again. This weekend is busy for me. Have something to do everyday. But, I'm planning to ENJOY every minute.

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