Sunday, September 4, 2011

August 29- Sept 01

Monday August 29th
Tay and I ran a couple of errands that day. One of those happen to be to Sam's. On the way out, he said "I want pizza." I looked at my phone for the time and decided, sure why not have lunch at Sam's. So he did. The pizza was almost as big as he is. Best part: Pizza and a drink-$2.72. Such a great bargain.

Tuesday August 30th, we had a busy Tuesday. And I was very happy with the fast pace that day. I took Tay to meet his new teachers at school that morning.
I know that Mrs. L and Mrs. B will have so much fun with Tay this year
And this picture simply makes me smile. He is so full of character!

My town is growing a lot. Or at least they are bringing in new stores and restaurants. One of my FAVORITE stores in the world just so happen to be opening on the 30th. And I couldn't miss grand opening, could I? Nope. So we set off to the mall after meeting his teachers.
That's right, Charming Charlie has opened in Tupelo, MS!!!!! This may or may not be a good thing. For now, I see it as a great thing. Tay asked if he could play at the playground. I told him that after we "played" in my playground (CC), then we would go to his playground and play. He looked around the store and said "But there are no seats to sit in here." I had to just laugh.
Finally time for him to play  
Hannah and Amanda 
He has the FUNNIEST faces lately.  
Hannah and I  
Amanda and I  
Tay and Hannah playing on my IPod while we wait 
Such a happy boy.

Dr. Hill hasn't seen The Help yet, and as a last minute decision, we decided to go see the late showing that night. I can remember one other time that she and I did something together without either kid being there. And even that time we were shopping for the kids' clothes last year. So, we were wild women and went to a 10:00 movie at night! Living on the edge for sure. I had a great time. Even though, it was my fourth time to see the movie and had plans to see it again, it was great. I truly have an incredible boss and love that God has allowed her to be in my life. I consider her a great friend as well as a great boss.

Wednesday August 31st seemed to fly by. Tay and I met his mom for lunch at Longhorn. Then she took him with her, so I had the rest of the day off. I went and got a pedicure. Something that needs to happen more than it does (the pedicure). I met up with Jametra for an early dinner and a movie. We ate a Longhorn and saw Columiana. It was really good. Then I had made plans to see The Help with Amanda, Hannah, and Hollie. We haven't been to a movie together just us in I don't know how long. It was a fun filled day.
Hannah and I

Thursday September 1st, Tay and I just hung out. He had open house at his school that night. I got packed for my weekend away in 21 minutes. A new record for me I think. I found some great sounding chips. Once I tried them, I decided that they needed a dip. I haven't been a huge guacamole fan, but I see tweets and post about Wholly Guacamole a lot. So I picked some up. And together, this has become my new favorite snack.
I found these chips at a neighborhood store and the Wholly Guac I got at Walmart. I got the spicy kind. I love this together. I had it at work Thursday night, and there wasn't any left. Really good!!

Labor Day weekend plans up next......

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