Friday, September 9, 2011

Sept. 6-9

Tay began preschool this week. He goes Tues, Wed, and Thurs. He loves it. Everyday he does the same thing: eat, sing, and use the potty. So funny. Now I am treasuring Mondays and Fridays. I actually miss him when he's at school. But, I'm also sure that it's a great thing for him.
He did not want me taking his picture 

I went to the gym after dropping Tay off. Welcome to my new normal. Ha, normal, what's that? I met with my friend Toya for lunch. We also went to Tutti Frutti, because she's never been.
It was a sign 
Too many choices 
Trying some flavors 
First "fall" outfit 
Loaded up 
Love this woman!

Wednesday started out busy. Anns forgot her lunch, so Tay and I ran it to her school. We stopped by Starbucks so that I could try the ever popular Pumpkin Spice latte. Must admit, it's pretty good. Tay asked what I was getting. I told him coffee. He said "But, I don't like coffee. I like milk, juice, tea. Apple juice, orange juice." He wanted me to know that he was not a fan of my coffee choice. After dropping him off, I drank my coffee while catching up on some blogs. Then I took a long nap. YAY for long naps. Especially when I've worked the night before and have to work again.

Thursday morning was very eventfull. Marquita (Trey's mom) had an appointment at the doctor's office. We were going to find out if my new Godchild is a boy or girl. Tay and I met with my friend Hannah from work for breakfast. We met Trey and Marquita at the dr office. Now, I have been praying for a girl selfishly. Either way would thrill me the same as long as the baby is healthy. And even if the baby wasn't healthy, I will love him/her no matter what. We got great news. The baby is completely healthy and growing right on target. Everything looks great. And......
It's a GIRL!
Trey's face was priceless. And now he is telling everyone his sister's name. It's Ellaleese Samonte. We are calling her Ella. Can January come quicker? Trey and I took Tay to school (yes, this all happened before school). Then I brought Trey back to his mom. I went to Barnes and Noble for a little while.
After naptime, the kids and I played outside.
Tay and I at breakfast
I love this picture 
Just a swinging 
Little Digger 
They found "Jumpy" 
making a home for Jumpy 
Just some mud playing
I even sang Happy Birthday with the kids to Jumpy. Oh the things I do.....
I went home and cooked peas, corn, and green beans. I was wanting veggies really bad. I enjoyed a movie in bed and then slept all night long. Perfect night to me.

Today has been so great. Tay and I were talking and I told him that something wasn't funny. He replied "Well, it was funny to me." Love that kid. We ran a few errands and had lunch with Jametra. He always holds my hand when we are walking somewhere outside. We were in the parking lot of the restaurant and i asked him if he would always hold my hand. He said "I hold your hand everyday. Four times every day." Where four came from, I'm not sure. But as long as he will hold my hand, I'll let him.
I'm in love!
Tonight, I'm going to watch Anns cheer at a football game, clean my house, and make out a grocery list. And maybe even buy the groceries. We will see. Have a great weekend!

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