Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

What a busy, fun-filled weekend for me. On Friday night I went to the Saltillo/Booneville football game. Anns cheered before the game. So cute. Makes me remember my cheer camp days. Those were so fun. I think I will always have a little bit of cheerleader in me. :) I went over to the Booneville side to chat with some people I work with. I'm way more of a social butterfly than interested in the game itself. I left at halftime and stopped by Redbox and called it a night.
Taylor and I before the game. (I "borrowed" these pics from their mom) 
Go Tigers Go!

On Saturday, I woke up to the phone ringing and Marquita asking if Trey could spend the day with me. Of course, I said yes. We snuggled in bed for a while, then it was time to conquer a to do list.  
First up, breathing treatment 
He was so excited about grocery shopping... 
he could barely contain himself.

My friend, Gena, was getting married that afternoon so I dropped Trey off with Mimi, who took him home.
For better or for worse 
The Bride and I  
Maddie and I  
Jametra and I  
Jennifer (Maddie's mom) and I

Sunday I was extremely lazy. I stayed in bed all day. Ate lunch alone. Such a peaceful day for my mind. I went to work on Sunday night.

Overall, another great weekend.

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  1. I can just imagine you, with that smiling face, cheering your little heart out!! You always have the best weekends! I need to hang with you and get out of these boring weekends.
    Have an awesome week!