Friday, January 27, 2012

Back again

Well, it's Friday and I haven't blogged all week. BUT, did anyone notice that I blogged EVERYDAY last week? I did. And that is one thing off my bucket list- to blog everyday for an entire week. And to be honest, it was fun. I was able to schedule a couple of the post, so it wasn't completely overwhelming. But now for the catch up of this week. Since I have plans tonight for my birthday, I will only update for Monday through Thursday.

January 23- A morning of homeschooling with Tay. Tay and I met Jametra to buy a gift for a friend that is in the hospital and ate Chili's for lunch. We took a longer nap than usual before going to Anns from gymnastics. She did her homework while Tay played.
good job
when he saw this chicken he said "We can cook this chicken golden and eat it for lunch."
he wanted to take some pictures of me
it's sad that this is the best one he captured
crane operator
homework time 
trying to get a picture of all three of us-it's hard 

January 24- It was pajama day at Tay's school. He wanted to wear the same pajamas he wore to bed. He said they were still fresh. I didn't let him. But he still looked so cute! I did a few errands and took a small nap while he was at school. That afternoon, their mom picked up Anns from school. She had a doctor appointment. Tay and I stopped at Creative Cakes for some cupcakes for snack later. We took naps. And then it was off to work for me.
this is a cupcake I got- just starting my birthday celebration a little early

January 25- I took Tay to school and went home for a about an hour. Then I took Marquita, Trey, and Ella to the doctor for an appointment with the Pediatrician. After dropping them off, I went and picked up Anns from school. She had a 60% day and got out early. We went back to the dr office and waited for them to come out. Ella is doing great and now weighs 8lbs. I took them home. Since the kids were out and it was close it time to pick up Tay, we stayed for a little while. The kids loved being able to play outside since the weather was great. And I loved getting the chance to hold Ella. We picked up Tay and headed home for naps. We hadn't been down very long when their dad came home early and I went home to nap before going back to work. That night at work, my secret pal left me a birthday present. I got a necklace, bracelet, and Barnes and Noble gift card. So perfect!
my grandparents sent me a card
sign at the dr office that I LOVE 
my precious Godchildren 
pretty girl 
so peaceful 
the girls 
all Trey wanted to do was play his DS 
silly boy 
my gift  
love my gifts- and yes, I put the bow in my hair
January 26- Tay got of to school. I took a much needed nap. We picked up Anns. Another afternoon of homework and naps.  When I left, I headed straight to the nail shop to get a pedicure. It was much needed! Then I tried to go to BWW, but the wait was over an hour, so I went to Longhorn's instead.
sleepy boy 
he was upset because I took away the ipad because they wouldn't share 
dig deep
result!- and yes, I have weird feet.

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