Saturday, January 28, 2012

Birthday Celebration Part 1

I planned on celebrating my birthday all weekend long, and I did! When I got to the Hill's that morning, they gave me a birthday gift. I got a Barnes and Noble gift card, two Pandora charms, and a book to make lists in. They (Dr. Hill) knows me so well. Anns helped pick out the charms. Tay and I did school work that morning and then we went to a couple of stores and ate lunch. We finally ate Mexican because he had been wanting it all week. Poor child. He has been telling me all week that he is going to buy me a present and wrap it himself. I ask what kind of present and he tells me a girl present. I ask what is a girl present, he says a Barbie. We picked Anns up that afternoon. Their Nana came into town to spend the night with them and she got there right as Tay was waking up from his nap. So I left them in her hands. Since, I had a little while before meeting friends for dinner, I went to let my friend/hair stylist work her magic on my hair for the night. So glad I did. It looked really good. I met with 7 friends for dinner. We had a great time. We then went to Walmart really quickly. We watched the late showing of One for the Money. It was a good movie. Side note- I was trying to mix several candies in a zip lock bag before the movie started. I "thought" I had closed the bag well enough. Well apparently, I hadn't and when I went to shake it, Hot Tamales and Milk Duds went flying! Next time, I will make sure the bag is closed. But we had a great time. I absolutely loved every minute of the night. Thanks to all my wonderful friends for making my birthday celebration so fun.
gifts from the Hills' 
hand picked charms 
eating Mexican 
Hannah and a few of her friends came into Chili's after we did 
Hannah and I 
Sydney and Sade' 
Holly and Jametra 
Sade' and Holly 
Holly, me, Jametra 
Sydney, me, Sade' 
Hannah, Casey, and I 
Casey showing off her baby bump 
trying to decide which one to get 
posing in Wally world 
Jametra and I 
Hannah and Holly at the theater 
Casey and I

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