Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 1-7

January is already flying by to me. How on earth is it already the 7th? I know that many people are sticking to their NY resolutions and are working out nonstop at the gym. At least everyone on my twitter feed is. Ha. And this is the first year that this hasn't been on my top priority list. I am happy that I'm focusing more on other things this month. Don't worry, the workout girl in my will return soon. But I have felt that this month is more about me being in the Word more and focusing on things that God has for me. I have gone back to my reality of everyday life. Keeping kiddos and working. So far I've even done well with my 365 project. I'm hoping to scrapbook it at least monthly. But the pictures are there at least. Some days (most days) there is only ONE picture for the day. I hope that y'all are getting off to a great start for 2012. I sure feel like I am.

January 1- I was completely lazy! All day. I watched Army Wives and layed around. Later in the afternoon, I did begin my Stepping Up Beth Moore Bible Study. WOW! I was one of the women she talked about that was crying already in the intro week. So there I was in my room with tears just running down my face. I have a feeling that many more tears will be coming with this study. And they will be worth it.
And then I got ready and headed into work.
Beth Moore (with flash) 

January 2- When looking for pictures for today, there aren't any. That maybe because I came home from work, went to bed, slept all day, got dressed, and went back to work. And that's all I did all day. I was kinda upset about it, but this is Leap year. So I am still on for the 365 project. Ha!

January 3- Back to the kiddos!!! I was ready to see them. I tell myself that they were ready to see me as well. We opened gifts before their mom went to work. Glad that they liked their gifts. I got a Pampered Chef Deep Covered Baker Dish, purse, and a ring. Really cute. Love them. The kids and I hung out at home all day. In fact, when their dad came home, they were both still in their pjs. We had a great day.
a cat wondered up and they have kept her- her name is Mittens 
Anns got a new desk and school room in the playroom 
cute phone on her desk 
Answering some math questions
Tay got an "Eyes" tent  
playing with Tay's new firehouse
Anns and I played this Wii game- so much fun!  
Anns was pink and I was green 
Playing the Wii 
All three of us played the Mario cart game  
playing with Tay's crane that I got him

January 4- Back to school for everyone. Tay did really great at school. Anns had a good day. We spent a little while doing some homework while Tay napped. After their dad came home, I went to Charming Charlie before heading home.
this was his first reaction to going back to school 
then he got excited about seeing his friends

January 5- After taking Tay to school, I went home for a nap. After picking up kiddos, we did the afternoon ritual. Homework and naps. I went to get dinner before work. It was yummy. Then it was off to work for the night.
Anns with Mittens 
watching the popcorn pop 
snack time 
yummy dinner

January 6- Tay and I played for a while that morning at home. Then we went to run some errands. Tay ended up falling asleep in the car. I did something that I have never done. Since Tay was asleep, I decided that instead of going home and him waking up, we went to the school and got in the carpool line. Early. Really early. We both took naps in the car while we waited for Anns. Then we met their mom at the mall. She was getting new glasses and wanted my opinion. The kids stayed with her and i headed home. Got a small nap before heading into work.
at lunch 
taking a nap- it's so funny how he is sleeping

January 7- My day was spent all day in the bed sleeping. Then it was back to work (again).
I had forgotten that it was Elvis's birthday tomorrow. And I live in the city where he was born. Ha!

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