Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of homeschooling

Last week, Dr. Hill told me about ordering A Beka for Tay to start doing at home with me. I have done A Beka with another family, and knew what to expect. I do love their homeschool resources. It's very detailed and I feel as though kids and I both can learn from it. (And he will still go to his preschool weekly as well.)
Today when I got to their house, the box had arrived. So I took some time to look at what the first day entitles. I must say our first morning of homeschooling went a lot smoother than even I anticipated. I think that Tay's school has covered some of the material that we looked at today. I'm excited to embark on this new adventure. Just call me the homeschooling nanny. Ha!
Tay found a singing Christmas card 
He loved it! And was dancing in his cute pjs 
he was trying to play with Mittens, but she scratched his lip instead 
learning numbers 1-3 
learning the letter I i

It really was a fun morning and all day, I've been asking him about what we talked about. He seems to be getting it. YAY!

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