Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 10-15

Well, it's two weeks into the new year and already I'm not staying on target with some things. But it's ok. So here is what's been going on in my world:

January 10- One more day without a picture. It was another regular day in my world. Schoolwork, carpool lines, homework, naps, and work at night for me.

January 11- I did schoolwork with Tay while the cinnamon rolls were cooking. Yummy breakfast. Then he went to school and I took a nap. When we got back home, their grandmother was there. So they showed Nana all the things that got for Christmas. Soon after she left, their dad came home. So I headed home for another small nap before work that night.
putting on shoes 
such a big boy 
"Spot" and the letter I 
counting with M&Ms

January 12- Another morning of getting Tay off to school. However, their mom had the afternoon free and picked up the kiddos. So I went home and went to bed. I slept for 14 hours, watched a couple of movies, and read a little bit. Not a bad Thursday.
his facial expressions make me laugh so much!! but this is a typical morning shot while we wait in the line

January 13- Since I slept so much on Thursday, I was wide awake about 3AM. So I got a shower and dressed for the day. Then Jametra and I went to IHOP and Walmart. I headed to the Hills'. Tay and I did schoolwork, ran errands, and met Hannah for lunch. A new cupcake shop opened that day. Gigi's Cupcakes! YAY! So we went after lunch and walked the red carpet and ordered cupcakes. I got one for Anns, Tay and I. They had several as samples and we got one to eat then. I saved the big cupcakes for after supper. I can hardly believe that I forgot my camera at the house. So I took some pictures with my phone. Not the best quality. After their dad came home, I met some friends from work to see the movie Joyful Noise. I loved it! And I will be seeing it again. It made me want to stand up and clap at times. I went to eat and headed home.
waiting on our table 
I love this picture. 
the red carpet 
too many choices 
his small cupcake 
Hannah trying out the wedding cupcake 
this is the one that I saved for later 
chocolate happiness 
Peanut Butter cup, Miss Princess, and Texas Chocolate

January 14- I got up and headed to Memphis. I had the intentions of seeing my Aunt Carol and going to Target. Simple mission, huh. I stopped at my aunt's house and 7 hrs later, I left. Just a little background on my relationship with my aunt. I honestly didn't have one. She has lived in Memphis my entire life. She's my grandmother's sister. I haven't seen her a whole lot throughout my life. I only know things about her that other people have told me. Last year at my cousin's wedding, we say beside each other and just chatted away. We have been talking more. She's asked me to come up to Memphis several times. I knew that on Saturday, I wanted to go to Target before Ella arrives and I called and told her I was coming into town. She said great! So I arrived at her house and we just began to talk. We went to lunch and still talked away. We came back to her house and yet still, just talked and talked. I didn't have my phone, ipod, computer, or camera. (I wish now that I had at least taken a picture of us.) There are no words to express how much that day has meant to me. I loved getting to know her for her. Not other people's opinions or thoughts. Her just being herself and me being mine. I get a little teary eyed when I think of how good God is. I am so thankful that He has opened this door for me to have a relationship with my Aunt. So grateful. I realized that she and I are much more alike than I could have ever imagined. And I love it!!! Her husband took us out for dinner. After that, I left and did make that run to Target. It was a great day on more than one level!
the only picture I took all day

January 15- I went to church, had lunch at my grandmothers, came home for a nap, and went to work. Seems pretty routine.
my dad in my brother's hat
my sister-n-law in my brother's hat
my grandmother broke out her singing machine
my cousin Brittany and I

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